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Making tough decisions on the road could be a hassle right?

Get the best routes, public transportation and driving directions, alongside fare quotes for your trip, on the go, with ease, at your convenience.

Join Road Preppers in the goal of creating Nigeria's largest community-based trip planner app. Power lies in unity...nothing beats real people working together for a greater cause.



Hit the road like a Pro!
Feeling lost and navigating your way around the city can be scary at times. With our simplified, easy-to-follow directions at your fingertips, hit the road like a Pro!

Fare Quote Estimates

Power to Negotiate better on your daily trips ...
New to town or just going somewhere new? Use our Fare Quote feature and be confident that you will always know the best fares for all your trips. Power to negotiate better on your daily trips.

Travel time and distance

Time is precious
Whether you're driving or going by public transport, your time is precious Take advantage of our estimated travel times and distance to plan your daily trips to work, school, events, meet-ups and back home.

Share with Family and Friends

Sharing is caring...
Getting people to a function, meeting up with friends or having loved ones pick you up is now easier. With the click of a button you can share directions and fare quotes with whomever you choose on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Whatsapp or by email.

Save your trips

Recall them anywhere, anytime
Whether you're planning ahead or you've just found a new favourite route, you can save your trips for future use. Recall them anytime and enjoy your trip!

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Live traffic monitoring and route rescheduling

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